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Aerial Mapping and Modeling with our Elite team
Elevate your career in aerial mapping and modeling. Develop the skills you need to effectively gather, analyze and export mapping data.
Collecting 2D Modeling Data
Collecting 3D Modeling Data
Aerial Photogrammetry
Improve Efficiency. Increase Safety. Reduce Costs.
Construction, engineering, and agriculture are just a few of the industries that have begun to use drones to collect mapping and modeling data. High-quality maps can be produced more quickly and cheaply than with traditional methods, and the demand for drone mapping services is growing rapidly. This course is designed to teach students how to use the latest drone mapping technology to collect, analyze and export high-quality mapping and modeling data for commercial use.

What You Get
5 days of in-person training.
Mapping and Surveying
About 3D Mapping Softwares
Capture Images Using Software
Layers of a 3D Mapping
Creating GCPs

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